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About Us

CommAgain is a grassroot initiative that is devoted to the development of communities & community culture. We operate and leading the first professional forum for community leaders in Israel & We are a service provider for organizations that vision aligned with community as a strategy.

On one hand we are a research/consultant institute and a thinktank based in Israel about community culture and on the other we have a forum for community leaders (of all kind - from Urban communities to tech, shared economy community managers).

We catalyze the development and accessibility of information, knowledge, tools, methods and case studies by building and leading community of community leaders in Israel.


This is an invitation to join the community of local and international partners, which understand and speak the language of the communities in order to create a new network of opportunities and potential in the business and social.

if you are interested learning more - feel free to drop us a line - after all - we love talking with people and it's super easy nowadays to call internationally :)

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